Saturday, June 7, 2008

Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site

If you are ever in Atlanta, this site is a must see for the whole family. The location is a conglomeration of different sites devoted to the great civil rights leader. The Visitor Center has a fantastic exhibit, there is a Civil Rights Walk of Fame, a tribute to Gandhi and his influence ion King, a historical district, the King birth home, the King Center, and the resting place of Dr. and Mrs. King.

I was fortunate to have a short personal tour with a park ranger, who pointed out some of the more important details about the area. Sweet Auburn was a thriving black community when King lived there, and it helped formulate a vision of success for African Americans in King's mind. the Ranger discussed the impact of the Ebeneezer Baptist Church on King's life, as it was a focal point of his younger years and his early adulthood. The tour of the birth home was fantastic. I learned a few pearls - MLK liked baseball and Monopoly, he hated doing the dishes, and there is nothing in the house that would give anyone a inkling that he would become such a hero to so many, The ranger put it perfectly - anyone can be great if you make the right choices and help others.

The resting place is also a beautiful site, surrounded by a reflecting pool. I found myself comparing it to the reflecting pool by the Lincoln Memorial and making obvious connections to the I Have a dream speech.

Overall, the visit was informative, emotional, and a great start to the trip.


Annette Schwebel said...

Hi Chuck! What a great quote/theme: "Anyone can be great if you make the right choices and help others."
Sounds like a really interesting trip. Looking forward to reading more!


Thanks so much for cheking it out, Annette! The ranger should give our MLK Day intro next year ...

cathytaft said...

Hi Daddy!
We are reading about your trip. It sounds really neat. We especially like the wall of tolerance with your name on it. We miss you! It finally stopped raining here (for a while!)
C,C,C,and E

cathytaft said...

Hi Daddy,
I'm going to 2 parties today...Amira and Ellie's soccer party. I miss you and I love you.

cathytaft said...

Dear Dad,
I miss you. The tornado was really scary. Me and Kate were looking out the back window. Kendall and Julia called. They are stayig at Doorcounty over night. I was also really scared that Caroline and Charlie couldn't come home because of the flash flood. But they did.


I got John And Jen's present last night. It was the Hannah Montana Wii game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!