Sunday, June 8, 2008

16th Street Baptist Church service

I attended the Sunday service at the 16th Street Baptist Church, the oldest and most well known of the churches in Birmingham. Those who know me closely may snicker (Chuck went to church? On his own? While traveling?) but I attneded for the histporical significance of the church and also to get a current picture of the role of the church for African AMericans in the South. During the Civil Rights Movement, black churches served as the focal point for spreading news, imploring citizens to act, and developing strength in the community. I think I can say with coinfidence that the church is still fortifying strong communal bonds in the black community today. The service was full of music, children, and communal response. I had never seen anything like it before.


Cheryl said...

It sounds like a wonderful experience. How were you received in the church?


I was received very well, Charyl - everyone was so very friendly. That's part of what made the service so special.